What should women eat after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, if you’re breastfeeding you should avoid consumption of any kind of intoxicants like liquor and caffeine. You should also avoid eating Swordfish, Shark, King Mackerel and Tilefish, as these have a high amount of a toxin named mercury in them, which is harmful to your growing baby’s brain. Also, avoid junk food as much as you can as the nutritional value is too low, which might affect the nutritional value of the milk.

Try to take a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins etc. Everything should be in proportion so that you don’t lack any nutrients, as what you eat is what you give your baby to eat. Drink plenty of liquids, mostly water, milk and fruit juices. It’s a good idea to continue with your prenatal vitamins when you’re breastfeeding.

Tip: Consult with your doctor about reducing weight as losing weight too quickly might affect your milk supply. Avoid taking diet pills, as they contain harmful drugs which you’ll pass to your baby while breastfeeding.

Hope this topic might have helped you understand about what should women eat after pregnancy. Read more health related articles from our diet collection: https://myhealthycollection.com/category/healthy-diet/

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