Pronunciation: ta-hee-nee

Bowl of tahini with sesame seeds on concrete background
Cooking photo created by azerbaijan_stockers – www.freepik.com

What is Tahini?

It is a finely grounded paste of roasted sesame seeds, a commonly used flavoring ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisines. Tahini is extensively used in savory and sweet dishes and plays a major role in hummus, chickpea dip and sweet halwa.

How to choose the best?

Highly roasted sesame seeds have a richer texture, dark color, and are slightly bitter flavor. As per your need, you can find products available in the local market. You may add olive oil to the paste to gentle down the flavor. Many tahini products are also available with cocoa, honey and other ingredients for flavor variations.

How to use Tahini?

It is mostly used as a dip or a spread for pasta, breads, baked potatoes, and meat dishes. You may also use it as a salad dressing or even in pastries and baked rolls. Because of its unique bitterness property, it can be used in many creative ways with fruits, ice-creams and other desserts.

Where to store it?

It can be stored in moderate room temperature for months, but make sure it is well sealed or else it may get oxidized.

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