Little Gem Lettuce

little gem lettuce
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What is Little Gem Lettuce?

Little gem lettuce is well known as combination of crispy Romaine lettuce and sweet Butter lettuce. This variety of lettuce was originally cultivated in France and now widely grown in the entire Western Europe. Because of its unique combination of subtle flavor and crisp, it is considered to the the best lettuce for many dishes.

How to choose the best?

Avoid the lettuce if it has any dark or slimy patches, limps, or withered leaves with brown or yellow tint. Look for fresh lettuce with head of 4-6 inches, symmetrical shape and dark green outer leaves.

How to use it?

Little gem lettuce is best used in salads and sandwiches. You can grill the lettuce or use it raw. The crunchy leaves can be used to hold the fillings in any sandwich because of its rough texture.

Where to store it?

Cling wrap the lettuce after use and refrigerate to keep it fresh for a week or two. Do check your lettuce every day and remove any leaves that are turning bad. This way you can protect your fresh lettuce from getting spoiled.

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