Pronunciation: le-mon

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What is a lemon?

These are oval shaped versatile fruits with a high vitamin C content and a notable bulge on one end.

On its own, they are filled with juice inside, extremely sour in taste, but its citrus flavor and tartness proves to be a great combination with many ingredients and savory meals.

How to choose the best?

If your are looking to use them as an ingredient in your dish then, search for unblemished lemons, rigid with no green hue and heavy in respect to their size. Green tinge indicates that they are unripe. Avoid pale colored lemons because they are too old and the juice content is very less.

For garnishing and zesting, choose unwaxed lemons, larger in size with a thicker skin.

How to use them?

For maximum juice extraction, make sure to keep them at a room temperature. Firmly roll them back and forth under your palms a couple of times before cutting them and then squeeze out the juice.

You may microwave them for 30 seconds, as warming them up enhances the juice extraction.

Where to store the lemons?

You can refrigerate them for a couple of weeks or keep them outside at room temperature for up to one week. If you have cut them, you may cling wrap and refrigerate them for up to 4 days.

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