Pronunciation: kaa-lei

kale leaves
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What is Kale?

It is a dark, leafy green vegetable belonging to the family of cabbages. Kale was originally cultivated in eastern Mediterranean and Asia minor regions. This cruciferous vegetable is well known for its edible leaves and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

How to choose the best?

If you are planning to eat raw greens, wit a tender and subtle flavor, then look for Kale with smaller leaves. Watch out for wilts, dark patches and tiny holes made by insects. Look for the one which is moist, crisp and unblemished with no yellow or brown colored leaves.

How to use it?

Kale leaves are mostly chopped and used in salads, soups or in preparation of pesto. You may also eat them as raw greens or blend them in smoothies and other healthy drinks. (Try our Avocado Smoothie recipe)

Where to store it?

Wrap them in a paper towel and place them inside a plastic bag. Keep it inside your refrigerator and consume it within one week.

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